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Tiffany Giddes (Jessica/Ex. Producer)
Teal Sherer (Charlie)
Nigel A. Walsh (Brandon)
Ronnie Alvarez (Rhys)
Celine Wallace (Celine)
Ted Trent (Steve)
Dave Michael Beaudrie (Sniper)
Troy Dangerfield (Dwayne)
Ralph William Tarr (Ron Elias)


Alexis Ostrander (Director/Producer)
Katherine Beattie (Writer/Producer)
Kimberley Browning (Produced By)
Nathaniel Miller (Director of Photography)
Rita K. Sanders (Editor)
America Young (Stunt Coordinator)
Chris LaCentra (Stunt Coordinator)
Amy Kernan-Bennett (Assistant Director)
Tema L. Staig (Set Design & Props.)
Marcia Zigler (Costumes)
Kelsey Dyer (Associate Producer)
G. Straub (Associate Producer)
Ray O’Brien (Associate Producer)
Kim Flaherty (Associate Producer)
Kan Graf (Associate Producer)


TIFFANY GIDDES (JESSICA), Lead Actor and Executive Producer – Tiffany Giddes has been a performer since the age of three, however, it wasn’t until 2007 that she returned to acting full time.  Going after her dream, she left her hometown in FL and in 2008, moved to Los Angeles.  There she enrolled in the Howard Fine Acting School, where she studied under Laura Gardner.  Tiffany got a few background jobs on different shows, but her big break came in 2010 when she was cast as a receptionist in an episode of the FX show SONS OF ANARCHY.  Tiffany was the first actor in a wheelchair to be on the show.

TEAL SHERER (CHARLIE), Lead Actor – Teal Sherer is best known for playing Venom on the hit web series THE GUILD.  She most recently filmed the TV pilot ONE SHARP GIRL and she is currently producing and staring in a new web series she created called MY GIMPY LIFE.  Teal has produced and performed in numerous plays and has worked on stage with Dustin Hoffman, Annette Bening, and James Cromwell.  Teal starred in the popular Liberty Mutual “Election” national commercial. She is also in the Emmy Award winning HBO film WARM SPRINGS, where she also served as an advisor to Kenneth Branagh.  Teal hosts a weekly World of Warcraft podcast called I HEARTH GEEKS where she shares her “noob” experiences. For more information check out

ALEXIS OSTRANDER, Director/Producer – Award-winning filmmaker Alexis Ostrander grew up in Spotsylvania, Virginia and realized her love for storytelling at a young age. Alexis graduated from Syracuse University in 2007. Alexis was the assistant to Director Tommy Schlamme (West Wing, Life on Mars and Studio 60,) has worked with Nathan Barr of HBO‘s True Blood, Dave Frederick, Director of Photography 2nd Unit and main Camera Operator for FX‘s Sons of Anarchy, Betsy Thomas Creator and Show runner of My Boys, Emmy award winning music editor John Finklea (The Rock, Sliding Doors, HBO’s The Pacific) and two-time Emmy award winning Director of Photography, Bob Primes.
 Currently the award winning film Defining Beauty: Ms. Wheelchair America, narrated by Katey Sagal is touring the festival circuit. Defining Beauty: Ms. Wheelchair America, directed and produced by Alexis, is a thought-provoking documentary about the vibrant lives of five women with disabilities on their journey to the 2010 Ms. Wheelchair America pageant, where the concept of beauty is defined through the lens of advocacy & perseverance.

KATHERINE BEATTIE, Writer/Producer – Katherine studied television and film at TCU where she was active in many student productions. Upon graduation Katherine went to work in the Human Interest department at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she helped bring real life stories to the screen. Knowing she’d rather create her own stories, Katherine left to pursue a career in scripted television. She has worked in production on Showtime’s Californication and on various pilots for other networks. She is currently the Script Coordinator on the fifth season of Californication. Katherine has Cerebral Palsy and is excited to see how this project will open doors for people with disabilities in Hollywood.

KIMBERLEY BROWNING, Line Producer – Kimberley is the founder of Hollywood Shorts Filmfest and Emerging Filmmaker’s Program. Launched in 1998, Hollywood Shorts presents regular industry short film screenings in Los Angeles, and serves as a short film advocacy and programming consultant for film festivals and micro cinemas. In 2000, Hollywood Shorts began short film production arm, producing and consulting on over 30 short films. Kimberley also oversees the Emerging Filmmaker’s Program, which incubates feature film projects from select filmmakers from the Hollywood Shorts community. She is a regular panelist & moderator on indie filmmaking circuit.

Kimberley is a filmmaker and producer, developing a slate of feature films under her Griffith Place Films banner. Projects include including ‘Grimesland’ written by Chad Brown, and ‘Greyhounds’ written by veteran actor Kelly Perine and Dan Wilson.

Kimberley serves as the Chair of the Cinematic Arts nominating committee for YoungARTS, the evaluating procedure for the US Presidential Scholars of the Arts.


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